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Amadeus Code receives 1.8 million dollars of financing

The mobile application that allows composing songs through artificial intelligence Amadeus Code has closed a round of financing of series A valued at 1.8 million dollars. The operation has been led by the venture capital firm World Innovation Lab.

At first Amadeus Code was a simple generator of songs, but the tool has been evolving. Today it is capable of generating changes of chords, bases and rhythms according to the preference of the users and with a library of popular tracks. So it is possible to make a theme from scratch in just a couple of minutes.

The company expects to use the funds to present a new set of "innovative features" later this year.

"We are delighted to meet others in the technological world who are as enthusiastic about the prospects of artificial intelligence in the world of music and creativity as we are. We welcome the support and vision of WIL, "said Taishi Fukuyama, co-founder and COO of Amadeus Code.

As a result of the agreement, World Innovation Lab will join the board of directors of the startup. Masataka Matsumoto, WIL partner commented: "Recently AI technology has been adopted in several fields and like Amadeus Code, the music industry is no exception. In this industry, which for a long time has been asked for a change in the business model, the company believes that its activities will set a new path. "

Amadeus Code is available only for iOS . Its download and use is free for two weeks, but thereafter it is necessary to pay a subscription or make a disbursement for each song that is composed.