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Amadeus Code Secures $ 1.8 Million in Series A Financing

Amadeus Code, a Tokyo-based AI company, describes its service as a thesaurus for composers. Amadeus Code has recently completed $ 1.8 million in funding, led by the World Innovation Lab (WiL).

Amadeus Code, founded in 2017, helps composers who are struggling with slumps and trying new genres to quickly produce the best melody ideas.

The Amadeus Code app comes with hundreds of pre-installed code progressions, allowing users to swipe to see if they like or don't like the matching app Tinder. In addition, you can adjust the rhythm and tempo as much as you like.

"We are excited to see that there are people in the technology industry who are looking forward to AI in music and creativity, as well as co-founders and COOs of Amadeus Code. We welcome the cooperation and insight of WiL. " "I am convinced that in the music industry, where business model change has long been sought, the company's activities will be a new path," said Wis.