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Amadeus Code Receives $1.8M To Develop AI Music Generation Platform

Amadeus Code is an AI-powered songwriting assistant that significantly enhances the individuals’ singing ability. Not only can users download the app on the Apple App Store, they can also choose a payment option. For instance, starters will use every feature of Amadeus Code free for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the basic payment option is $1.99, which allow users to keep songs of their choosing, and the premium payment option is $9.99 per month to keep unlimited songs every month with audio and MIDI files. Notably, Amadeus Code’s prominent features include generating melodies, creating basslines, and organizing beats based on user preferences.

Recently, they received approximately $1.8 million in Series A funding from Japanese VC firm World Innovation Lab. One of the firm’s cofounders is Masataka Matsumoto and he will become a board member of Amadeus Code. Furthermore, World Innovation Lab guide startups through global growth by providing access, capital, and expertise.

According to Amadeus Code co-founder Taishi Fukuyama, he is thrilled to find people in tech who are “excited about the prospects of AI in music and creativity”. Uniquely for Matsumoto, he believes that it’s activities with AI technology will change how the music industry conducts business. Concurrently, Matsumoto’s previous investments include the likes of Twitter, DocuSign, and Sling Media.

To emphasize, its technology break down melodies into their data and uses AI to create diversified tunes. Additionally, Amadeus Code users can utilize the technology to develop chord progressions and create full songs or parts of songs. Nonetheless, it’s technology is mainly there to assist while the users are still the sole curators.

It’s technology can definitely augment artists’ songs into creations that are very unique and innovative in the industry. As of the writing of this post, they will unveil more features later this year. As Matsumoto becomes a board member, he will continue to offer guidance as Amadeus Code further expands its products.