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Amadeus Code raises $1.8m to create AI music

Amadeus Code, an AI-powered songwriting assistant, has raised JPY200 ($1.8m) in a Series A round led by VC firm World Innovation Lab (WiL) to help it develop its AI music generation platform and release new features later this year. WiL general partner and co-founder Masataka Matsumoto will also be joining Amadeus Code's board.

Amadeus Code's technology breaks melodies down into their data, then uses AI to create melodies, chord changes, basslines and beats based on user preferences and a library of popular tracks. Users can utilize the technology to uncover new chord progressions and to create new songs, or parts of songs.

"The melodies Amadeus Code creates are helpmates, not replacements," the Japan-based firm explained. "Humans are the heart of creation and curation, and there is no machine that can change that. However, we feel strongly that AI has a thrilling place in the composition process, one that we hope producers, writers and composers will adopt and adapt to their own needs and dreams."

Matsumoto will be bringing his own experience investing in a number of ventures including Twitter, DocuSign and Sling Media with him to the Amadeus Code team to offer additional guidance as the team and product offering grows.

"Recently, AI technology has been adopted in various fields and the music industry is no exception," he remarked. "In the music industry, which has long been called for a change in the business model, the company believes that its activities will be a new path. I want to support them trying to challenge the global market from the time of foundation, making use of our global knowledge and the network of Japan and the US."