Press Clipping
Queen of April Fools' Aria by Amadeus Code

MUMBAI: ‘A lost Mozart composition found in a time capsule in Tokyo!’ An obvious joke of course, but perhaps the fact that AI can create new music based on Mozart’s composition style sounds like a joke too. Today’s audio demo started as an internal experiment with a group of musicians using Amadeus Code AI to see how a modern pop song could be created with Mozart.

In the Amadeus Code app, there are parameter settings that allow the user to control how the AI composes melodies. For this demo, we used the ERA parameter and set it to 1700s; this will generate topline melodies that sound like ones from Mozart’s era. Separately, the bpm for the trap-inspired beat was set to 80 from 120 which is the original tempo of Mozart’s Magic Flute in the Amadeus Code app.

The finished audio product is a collaboration of Amadeus Code’s algorithm, today and yesterday’s musicians. Can you hear Mozart in the melody and if Mozart could have heard trap music and had access to today’s tools; would it have sounded something like this?