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Artificial Intelligence wrote a song for Valentine's Day in the style of Taylor Swift

Artificial intelligence in the Amadeus Code app, which we talked about here , in honor of Valentine's Day wrote a love song “Love Song”. The resulting track strongly resembles the work of Taylor Swift .

The developers of AI set a number of input data about what the music should be, and after a while they got the finished track. The words were written using the Song Lyrics Generator .

According to the creators, the track was the answer to the question of whether artificial intelligence can write a song in the style of a famous singer. When setting the AI ​​task, the developers kept the Taylor Swift songs in mind, so the input data was as follows:

Slow tempo for the song to be a pop ballad
In order for the track to be quite dynamic and lively in the verses, the AI ​​indicated to use short note lengths in the low and middle register
To give the choruses a contrast, in these parts of the track the AI ​​had to use increased durations, as well as a wider range of sounds.
Swift's voice range is from C sharp to the small octave (C # 3) to Sol of the second octave (G5). In order for a singer with such vocal abilities to feel free in the track, the AI ​​used sounds ranging from the Fa of the small octave (F3) to D of the second octave (D5).

After the Amadeus Code generated several ideas, the developers exported the information to MIDI. The resulting file was given to the arranger, who collected the ideas of artificial intelligence in the final track. It is noted that the final arrangement included 90% of the ideas of artificial intelligence: harmony, structure, bass lines, parts of harmonic instruments.