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Machine love: 4 ways AI is helping humans on Valentine’s Day

Amadeus Code

Not all of us were born musicians. Thankfully for the musically challenged, Amadeus Code — the folks behind the melody-composing iOS app of the same name — have tapped the power of machine learning this V-Day to generate a single inspired by Taylor Swift.

The team describes its work — conducted solely in the Amadeus Code app — in a press release. They settled on a slow tempo (a sort of “pop ballad”) for their love song, and attempted to give the verses a “rhythmic” feel by keeping the note lengths short and the note range on the mid-to-low side. In order to contrast the verses and give the ditty a “dynamic” feel, they set the chorus’ note lengths longer and the range wider. Lastly, they exported the resulting MIDI file and handed it off to an arranger, who produced the track.

The result won’t win any Grammys, but it’s certainly … unique. And that’s why V-Day is about, after all — giving your significant other something to remember you by.