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Amadeus Code: new instruments, AI, and online sharing

The company Amadeus Inc. Code . update his assistant to the music composition doped with artificial intelligence.

The new version includes unpublished synthesizer sounds, bass tracks to support the compositions and a new sharing feature that facilitates collaboration between creators . Users benefit from more options to visualize ideas, and tools to expand the compositions.

The machine learning algorithms may suggest chord progressions to improve the melodies , leaving the composer to make the appropriate choices, or to seek help from other musicians via integrated sharing. The application is able to quickly vary the tone and tempo of a title in your library to generate ideas.

Taishi Fukuyama , director of Amadeus Code Inc, says, " Artificial intelligence is designed to support creative people, especially those who want or need to cope prolifically. " Amadeus code is already available on the App Store iOS. It requires 355.4 MB of free storage space, as well as an iPhone / iPad / iPod touch under iOS 11 minimum.