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AI Music App Amadeus Code Updates With New Features

AI music app Amadeus Code has just updated with a slew of new features to enhance the user experience. The update includes an updated synth library, a new bass channel, the ability to share and preview your song on the web and more.

Updated Synth Library

The new synth sounds are an improvement on the synthetic, MIDI-sounding tones in earlier versions of the app to give your song a more professional sound.

New Bass Channel

The bass channel is new altogether, adding a new layer to your in-app songwriting with four different bass sound choices:


Electro 1

Electro 2


Shareable Web Feature

Apart from exporting MIDI and audio files from the app, you can now share songs created in the Amadeus Code app on to the web, making it easier than ever to share your ideas and collaborate with others.

BPM Editing

Another highly requested feature, BPM editing is now available for all songs created in the Amadeus Code app. Simply open the editor from the metronome icon and adjust the BPM slider.

Mute Instruments

All instrument channels, melody, bass, and chords can now be muted by either tap-holding the instrument pill box or selecting ‘mute’ in the instrument list. You can mute the click track as well.

Other Updates

Generated songs now are given a unique random name.

You can download Amadeus Code in the App Store.

About Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant. The technology is a new approach that breaks centuries of melodies down into their constituent parts (“licks”) and transforms them into data. By eschewing more traditional methods of musical information transfer--the score and MIDI, for example--Japanese researchers have created a system to generate the kind of endless stream of melody Mozart proclaimed ran through his head. Composers, producers, and songwriters now have the distilled praxis of thousands of artists and composers dating back to the 17th century, at their fingertips, with the new Amadeus Code melody-maker app.