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Amadeus Code releases important updates, AI source creation is more powerful

The Amadeus Code App for sound source creation based on AI features releases important updates. This update upgrades the entire synthesizer sound library, adding a new Bass Channel to Song Player and a variety of ways to upload songs.

The new Bass Channel

The new Bass Channel contains four instruments: Electric, Electro 1, Electro 2 and Acoustic. By switching between different bass switches, you can feel different bass sensations while performing the same chord.

BPM editing function

Amadeus Code incorporates the user's most vocal BPM editing feature, allowing users to enter values ​​directly or adjust them via the BPM slider.

Instrument mute

All instrument tracks, including melody, bass, and chords, can now be muted by clicking or Mute to select a list.

The metronome can be muted as well, just click the Mute button in the metronome editor.

Preview and share in the browser

In addition to exporting MIDI and audio files directly from the App, you can now upload your work directly to the Internet.

Download link (exporting music requires in-app purchase, a song for $12 or an annual fee of $800):

Official website: