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Music AI: The Music Ally Guide

Amadeus Code launched its mobile app in March 2018, describing it as “an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant” that generates melodies for songwriters as creative inspiration.
➤ The AI has been trained on a catalogue of “the world’s top composers” so that it can create ideas for songwriters to develop. “Your next golden idea is just a swipe away,”is the pitch. “Keep only what you need and just swipe for the next idea.”
➤ The app is free to download, but users can pay $1.99 to purchase individual songs, or
$119.99 for an annual subscription to the app, providing unlimited access. The app can
tap Spotify’s library to identity chord progressions from the user’s favourite songs.
➤ “AI has this peculiar ability to find novel solutions - some successful, some not so
much. These are suggestions which a composer can take or leave,” said co-founder
Taishi Fukuyama in September 2018.