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Amadeus Code: Can Artificial Intelligence Compose the Hits of Tomorrow?

In the future, apps should be able to compose successful songs quite easily on their own. Will the work of a music producer be completely replaced in the future? We took a closer look at the AI ​​project Amadeus Code and are amazed by the result.

Artificial intelligence should provide appropriate assistance

To create a global hit today, technically, you do not need much more than a digital audio workstation , DAW for short . It is a program that can be used to compose, arrange and mix music. In the past, instruments had to be received in a classic way and expensive equipment had to be used extensively.

The Artificial Intelligence Project Amadeus Code was also developed for no other purpose than to make it easier for the music producer to compose the next potential world hit.

Artificial intelligence in this sense means that the application software has been programmed so that it learns independently to be able to independently work on problems. Amadeus Code can thus help to put together a harmonic melody of limitless possibilities.

What exactly is this Amadeus code ?
The Japanese scientists Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama are among the developers of the AI ​​project Amadeus Code . The application was fed with analysis and data collection of the most popular hit songs of the past 50 years.

It's no secret that chart charts use certain schemes to produce them. Mostly it is the melody that can not be lost to the listener. The idea of ​​the app developers was therefore to focus on melodies and chord progressions that are in a song by far the most important elements.

If you look closely at the application software, it is striking that the simple handling of the melody structures in verse, the chorus and the bridge can be combined and exchanged. It is simple and you can be inspired as a musician quite quickly. And that's exactly what it's about.

Accordingly, Amadeus Code has been developed to serve as a source of inspiration for professional musicians and those who want to be. The ideas of Artificial Intelligence can thus be creatively implemented by the producers, who then integrate them into their projects.

Is this the end of the conventional way of producing?
The idea of ​​the developers could be of great use to artists. Inspiration is an important issue, as this is always the first step in the production process of new compositions.

The best cowriter is the one you have with you all the time.

Amadeus code

But since emotions also play a major role in the development process of each song, no machine or software will be able to completely replace an artist. Artists and songwriters tell stories with their music and put so much feeling into each element, which makes up the special touch in the end result. A little help is allowed. The actual work, however, is up to the artist.