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Scientists create AI able to write indie music

AI technology promises many useful advances in the near future. AIs could be programmed to take on numerous tasks which they could possibly do more efficiently than a human counterpart. One area where it seemed unlikely that an AI would be a human’s equal would be in the arts. However, this may not be the case, as scientists have programmed an AI to write smooth indie songs.

The project is called Amadeus Code and its aim is to create an AI system which uses data from other musical hits to create its own, original pieces. Thus far, the AI’s music has been well-received by listeners.

Amadeus Code was co-created by Jun Inoue, a well-known Japanese music producer; Gyo Kitagawa, creator of the first Music Hack Day in Tokyo; and Taishi Fukuyama, director of the Hit Song Research Lab.

The three musical experts analyzed decades worth of information on contemporary music as well as classical, paying special attention to songs which had a more powerful social impact.

The AI is certainly never intended to replace human musicians. In fact, when asked this question by a reporter, Jun Inoue laughed and said, “Absolutely not. This AI will not tell you about its struggles and illuminate your inner worlds through real human storytelling, which is ultimately what makes music so intimate and compelling.”

New opportunities for music
What Amadeus Code will do, according to its creators, is allow hobbyists to create their own music in a more efficient and much cheaper way than exists now. The AI will specialize in creating top-of-the-line melodies for songs, which people can use as a base for their individual songs.

Jun Inoue likens the AI to samplers and drum machines as tools for artists. “When these AI tools eventually find their place in the right creative hands, it will have the potential to create a new entire economy of opportunities,” he said.