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Fu from Japan's AI artificial intelligence Amadeus Code helps you create a better melody

Japanese startup Amadeus Code has added a new AI feature to its music creation app: Harmony Library. This new feature will help you create faster and better, provide melodic recommendations through algorithms, and help you generate new inspiration.

Amadeus Code is a smart melody generator that collects and analyzes popular songs from the past centuries and then adjusts and filters them with some parameters to find the melody that suits you.

Harmony Library uses chord progression as a reference, filtering and filtering through genre, velocity, tonality and other parameters, and then Amadeus Code can create melody based on chords. After the melody is generated, the user can make further adjustments and finally export to the host software you are good at, while the composer can share the creation directly on the Amadeus Code. With your own chords and re-adjustment of the melody, users can create faster with Amadeus Code.

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Unlike other artificial intelligence creation products, Amadeus Code wants users to start writing from Amadeus Code and then generate their own work through Amadeus Code.

Download link (exporting music requires in-app purchase, a song for $12 or an annual fee of $800):