Press Clipping
The machine to create summer hits

Create the perfect song. Surely that is the dream of many musicians. At least create the song that quickly becomes a success. That is what the Amadeus Code artificial intelligence application pursues.

The tool created by Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama aims to create songs that have a very good reception from the public. For this, it uses a system based on artificial intelligence that analyzes previous songs that have reached the top of the lists of the most listened to songs to create new compositions that run the same fate.

In a few minutes Amadeus Code is able to track different musical libraries in search of patterns that later will be used to create new notes and melodies.

Its previously named creators have all experience in the world of music production. The same Inoue has sold songs worth 10 million.

At the moment the final version open to the general public can already be downloaded in iTunes after being months in beta. Also, this latest version includes more features such as Harmony Library, a feature that offers new ways to find music depending on the time the user is in. At the same time, they can modify the melodies to create their own compositions.