Press Clipping
This app will replace the music producer!

It is and remains mostly a dream of many musicians to be allowed to play in the music business at the top and to write the one, very big hit, which remains forever with him. Unfortunately, only a few succeed and a manageable number of stars and starlets dominate the hit parades of this world.

But what are Dieter Bohlen, Mark Forster and Helene Fischer doing differently? Why do they end up with a string of hits in a row, in which they evidently frequently chop up on themselves and many songs sound similar or almost the same?

The makers of the AI ​​project "Amadeus Code" now want to have deciphered the secret of the "holy grail" of pop music with their songwriting machine. The software takes into account specific forms and compositional structures that are used repeatedly in pop songs. The basis for this is the analysis of popular music and classical pieces with economic and social significance from several decades.

In a Youtube video, the developers of the software, the Japanese scientists and music experts Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama, which is already feasible. In addition, there is the raw version and compared to the then recorded by human version.

The result of this artificial intelligence can be heard quite well, even more: it sounds very hit-suspicious!

This looks like competition for the established songwriters, and it is conceivable that future hits by the press of a button more or less automatically "written" by the computer. And the typical music consumer would probably not even notice it.

Will the "creative tool", as its makers call it, soon replace the big stars? If you want to get a picture of it, download the app for iOS devices and maybe soon be landing your first No. 1 hit ;-)

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