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An artificial intelligence app creates authentic indie music hits

An artificial intelligence application can put the music industry in check for its ability to create new musical hits. It is called Amadeus Code and is capable, only analyzing data of previous successes, to create new songs with a lot of hook.

Amadeus Code is an application for mobile based on artificial intelligence that uses the data of successful songs to create completely new compositions on the fly with an amazingly surprising result.

The application creates sketches of songs in minutes. The artificial intelligence of Amadeus Code navigates through different music libraries, while dividing the music into small units and looking for patterns.

When the user of the app uses the application, this AI relies on these patterns to suggest new notes and create melodies.

The creators of Amadeus Code are Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama, all of them with experience in the world of music production. Inoue is a renowned Japanese music producer and has sold 10 million singles. Fukuyama worked on Echo Next and released the first Music Hack Day in Tokyo. Fukuyama is the director of the Hit Song Research Lab and attended the Berklee College of Music.

"The IA has a peculiar ability to find novel solutions, some successful, others not so much. They are suggestions that a composer can take or leave. Their decisions can generate a new idea for a composer and take it to a new creative territory, "says Fukuyama.

After being for a few months running in a limited beta version, Amadeus Code has recently opened to the general public. At the moment it can be downloaded in iTunes.

The latest version of the application incorporates a new feature, the Harmony Library, which allows users to search for inspiration in the Spotify library. Thus, when a user is inspired by listening to a specific song, the application is able to take the chord progression of the song and generate an infinite number of melodies on these same chords.

In any case, Amadeus Code users can modify and reconstruct those melodies in their own compositions.

The creators of Amadeus Code trust that the app will only serve as a support and will not replace music composers: "We hope that users will complete the work started by Amadeus Code telling their own unique stories, which will continue to be what makes music be really irreplaceable by using intelligence, "adds Fukuyama.