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This artificial intelligence is able to compose their own songs from iTunes

If the music industry has not gone through its best for years, the picture does not seem to improve if we think about the potential of artificial intelligence in the world of artistic creation. And is that there are already several programs that threaten to leave unemployed thousands of composers, the last of them Amadeus Code, as set out in this article by TechCrunch.

Following in the wake of other similar programs, Amadeus Code is based on an AI that uses data from decades of musical successes to compose completely original songs. And, the worst: they are good or, at least, almost indistinguishable from human creations.

The application is available in its early access version in the Apple iTunes store and allows you to create letters accompanied by various instruments. As an example, a MIDI version of a song composed by the AI is already available.

With extensive experience in the music industry, Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama are the creators of Amadeus Code. Inoue is a renowned Japanese producer who accumulates 10 million singles sold throughout his career; Fukuyama is the director of the Hit Song Research Lab; and Kitagawa worked at Echo Next and launched the first Music Hack Day in Tokyo.

"We have analyzed decades of contemporary songs and classical music, songs of economic and / or social impact, and we have created a patented technology of specialized composition to create first class melodies." Recently, we have launched the Harmony Library, which provides users with direct access to the songs that allow the composition of songs of the AI ​​in Amadeus Code," Inoue explains in the aforementioned medium.

"We specialize exclusively in the creation of first-rate melodies for songs that can be a source of high quality inspiration for music professionals, and we have plans that can be superimposed on other music AI companies in the current market, with the goal of offering fans a service to quickly create completed audio tracks."

Of course, Inoue discards that at some point the AI ​​will be able to replace composers like Michael Jackson: "This AI will not tell you anything about your struggles or illuminate your inner worlds through the telling of human stories, which is what it does that the music is so intimate and convincing."