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I've tried Artificial Intelligence to create songs, but I would not want to listen to any more

We already know that an artificial intelligence is capable of giving life to poems or teaching us to dance like Bruno Mars . If you like electronic music, you may want to take it a step further, and listen to songs created directly by an AI.

Amadeus Code is an amazing project, since it is a system that analyzes previous "musical successes" to give life to completely new songs. The lyrics are not exactly deep, but the reality is that this experiment serves to show the true possibilities of this technology:

It must be made clear that the version that appears in the video above is produced and recorded by humans . It is based on a MIDI song (this one, produced by an artificial intelligence) that we can listen to below:

You can download the application and play with it
The people behind this project (Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi) Fukuyama are well positioned in the world of music. Specifically, Inoue is a well-known Japanese producer who has sold 10 million singles.

The interesting point of this tool is that we can download the application (currently only available for iOS ) and play songs in a fast and comfortable way. Mind you, do not expect to find the next 'Yesterday' so easily.

I have tried to use it, and the "funny" part is that it tells you in what song it has been inspired . For example, I listened to one based on 'Tears in Heaven' and the verse was too similar. The rest of the song did not look that much, but it was quite chaotic musically.

The "MIDI sound" does not help much when it comes to see possibilities to the song

You can choose between several instruments: one will be responsible for making the chords and another the main melody. In the settings of the application we can play with several parameters: increasing or decreasing the "drama", the length of the notes, that sounds more or less known, etc.

The interface is simple and well designed . A pie chart shows the different sections of the song divided into colors, while at the bottom we can choose to save it, export the audio or generate a new one.

We have 14 days to use this application for free . After that time we can decide to pay € 2.29 per song or € 123.99 for an annual subscription.

In my experience, the songs that they have generated sound quite childish and seem to be improvised (the MIDI sound does not help either). Anyway, I think it's an interesting tool to play for a while and it reminds us that AI is strongly committed to continue changing many aspects of our society.