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Demo in the studio: the artificial intelligence that composes guaranteed pieces of music "tubes"

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It is to wonder what will remain of the order of the human talent since there is now an artificial intelligence capable of composing tubes of music.

In recent days, it is accessible to anyone. Just download a free application on your mobile phone, choose the style, if you want something sad or cheerful or a melody rather 80s or 90. Just click.
The rendering is not terrible, it looks like a mobile phone ringtone but it's because the program generates the song in Midi format, so only the notes. However, when played with real instruments, it has nothing to do.
It's an original song, good quality, generated in ten seconds with a phone.

How it works ?

The application is called Amadeus Code . It is very sharp since it uses artificial intelligence techniques. It has dissected the biggest hits of the last 60 years, in all sectors (classical, rock, pop, etc.). So, she learned to recognize the melodies that fly. What makes her now able to compose herself automatically, inspired by everything she has heard.

That does not pose copyright problems?

According to them, no since there is no copy / paste, just a vague inspiration. Finally, it's something that has always been done: musicians have always been inspired by the work of others, so it's not very different. Except perhaps before, you had to know about music and now you just have to know how to press a button.