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Amadeus Code: an AI music composer

Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama have launched an artificial intelligence project capable of composing music. Called Amadeus Code, it feeds on data from previous musical successes and then creates totally unique compositions.

The entire program is accessible from an iOS app accessible from the iTunes Store. In a few minutes you can create a melody, giving you more freedom for the rest of your music construction. On the other hand, do not get too excited about what you'll need to do, Amadeus Code will only provide you with a MIDI track, like the video below.

However, for any musician understanding what he can build around a simple melody, the possibilities are immense. Add some instruments, a bit of rhythm, some lyrics, and to you success on Spotify in the Indie Folk category. As shown in the video below, which is an improvement of the MIDI track that you have logically started before.

The three Japanese consorts are all music professionals. Jun Inoue is a producer, Gyo Kitagawa is a producer, composer, and guitarist. Finally, Taishi Fukuyama directs the Hit Song Research Lab.

"We've been analyzing decades of contemporary and classical music, songs with economic and / or social impact, and we've created a patented songwriting technology that specializes in creating high-quality melodies," he said. Jun Inoue.

More and more projects are born to put artificial intelligences at the service of music. The most notable for me was since the Daddy's Car song produced by the SONY CSL Research Laboratory thanks to Flow Machines, an IA trained similarly to Amadeus Code. Other systems, they are able to isolate the sound of an instrument , in order to rework a title.

There is certainly a long-running debate about the place of creativity in music, or the Arts if we start entrusting this type of task to robots.