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Science Proves Your Band Sucks: Artificial Intelligence Writes Better Indie Songs Than You Do

One of the comforts of being human in the early tech age was knowing that there were certain things that computers would never be able to do. As artificial intelligence advances, however, that list of uniquely human skills is dwindling, and now we can officially cross indie music off of it.

TechCrunch reports that a new project called Amadeus Code is an AI-based system that has been trained to use data from hit songs to compose new catchy tunes. It was created by Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama: three men with extensive experience in music production, marketing development, and research. "We have analyzed decades of contemporary songs and classical music, songs of economic and/or social impact, and have created a proprietary songwriting technology that is specialized to create top line melodies of songs," Inoue said. The Amadeus Code app creates what the developers call a "sketch" of a song and allows users to play with the melody to create something new. With the addition of the Harmony Library, users also have a database of chord progressions that they can search through by genre, key, tempo, or other parameters. When new music is generated using the app, it can be exported as a MIDI and used to produce songs in other software.

"We uniquely specialize in creating top line melodies for songs that can be a source of high-quality inspiration for music professionals," Inoue added. "We also do have plans that may overlap with other music AI companies in the market today in terms of offering hobbyists a service to quickly create completed audio tracks."

The clips below are of a MIDI created by Amadeus Code, and that same music played and vocalized by human musicians:

When asked if Amadeus Code would replace superstar songwriters and musicians, Inoue said "absolutely not. This AI will not tell you about its struggles and illuminate your inner worlds through real human storytelling, which is ultimately what makes music so intimate and compelling. Similarly to how the sampler, drum machine, multitrack recorder and many other creative technologies have done in the past, we see AI to be a creative tool for artists to push the boundaries of popular music. When these AI tools eventually find their place in the right creative hands, it will have the potential to create a new entire economy of opportunities."

According to recent reviews on iTunes, there seem to be some issues with the app right now, but you can still download it here or wait until it's fully operational.