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Amadeus Code could be the songwriting AI that will clear your writer’s block

These days AI is everywhere, and music is not immune. In fact, over the last few months I think I’ve bumped into a whole host of start ups playing in this space. However, not too many of those are in a space where you might end up using that AI on a regular or even a daily basis.

So far I’m not sure that I’ve properly seen the promise of AI come to fruition in the music making world, but perhaps the AI in Amadeus Code is a use case that will really make sense. Using an algorithm to help write songs isn’t actually that new a thing. There have been quite a few attempts at doing that, but in hardware and software, and of course, to some extent there are similarities with generative music. However, where Amadeus Code fits in is squarely in the song writing space.

There are plenty of apps that promise to help you with making music. They take a range of different forms, whether it’s DJ’ing, making short pieces, making full tracks, or anywhere in between, and many of them utilise different approaches at assisting you in the process through some means. On a personal level I’m not sure I’ve found many of these approaches effective over time, and something that assists in creative process might be worth a look.

Amadeus Code describes itself as a

“powerful yet simple melody composing app that lets you make songs in minutes, whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician. Melodies are composed by a first of its kind proprietary artificial intelligence engine and can be exported as audio and MIDI files to a DAW of your choice for further creative production.”

According to the developer Amadeus Code is going to help us to “say goodbye to writer’s block“. Which is a big claim, and not one that I have a huge problem with personally. However, I do think it would be useful to have an additional source of inspiration, and Amadeus Code claims that:

It comes preinstalled with hundreds, soon thousands of chord progressions based on history’s most beloved songs. Learn and get inspired by new song structures and collaborate with the AI engine that can generate infinite melody variations.

Your iPhone becomes a real collaborative songwriter with Amadeus Code, which lets you guide what kind of melodies to create. Use the melody settings to tweak note length, range, drama, familiarity and era. Also use simple gestures to create and recreate specific sections or entire songs infinitely.

Not only can you create songs in Amadeus Code, you can share and listen to songs created by other users. Create songs inspired by others for infinite possibilities for collaboration.

Personally I think that this is an app that I’m going to check out, and whilst it is free to download it’s worth pointing out that Amadeus Code comes with a subscription in app purchase that runs on a yearly basis. The subscription appears to be mainly for save and export unlimited Audio/MIDI files.

Amadeus Code is free to download with a subscription in app