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"Amadeus Code" uses AI to create inspiration for music creators

Everyone has experienced the following scene more or less: walking on the road, a melody emerges in my mind, and you take it out of the situation. Now, there is an app that can help you turn your music into a complete song.

Amadeus Code is an app that uses AI to compose music for music creators. After a period of internal testing, it has recently landed in iOS and Android app stores.

The principle of Amadeus Code is: Based on a huge music library, the AI ​​algorithm breaks down the music in the music library into separate music units and looks for pattern patterns between each music unit. When the music creator uses the App, the AI ​​will randomly generate a matching music sample according to the user's preference, as shown in the following figure:

The user can select the desired "range", "note length", "theatre", "familiarity" and "age". The selected sample can also be replaced with chords and melody.

The latest version of the app comes with a new feature: the Harmony Library, which allows users to search for inspiration in Spotify's library, especially its chord progression. If the creator likes a demo, the app will continue to present the same type of melody to the user.

In addition, when the user uploads a sample that he or she is satisfied with, other users can also see your work through the “Community” function. Similarly, you can also see the uploaded samples of other users. However, Amadeus Code does not currently support the ability to browse other users' homepages.

Fukuyama said in an interview with the founder of foreign media, he does not want do not think Amadeus Code App can replace this kind of music creators to work, "We want users to Amadeus Code began their most original creations, through various demo different combinations to help users get their music and the story behind the more touching and irreplaceable. "

Currently, new registered users have a 14-day free trial period. The official version is priced at $12 or $848 for unlimited music release throughout the year.

In fact, the giant Google Brain of Magenta project , once with TensorFlow and generative model to create works of art, arranger can generate some chords with machine intelligence; startups Jukedeck and Amper Music provides a machine arranger for the end user C You only need to set the music type, mood, speed, instrument and track length to create a song for you. The commercialization to Jekedeck for example, launched a $ 0.99, to $ 21.99, and $ 199 for three different pricing, fees are commercial price, commercial price and buyout copyright.

Domestically, the “Box Music” that was reported by 36氪 is also a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to create and arrange music. It has a self-developed intelligent composition system "YAME". As a user, you only need to enter the tabs for beat, speed, velocity, undulation, style, tone, etc. YAME will simulate by algorithm and generate corresponding arranger. Simply put, the YAME system integrates the tags entered by the user into the underlying vocabulary logic with music theory and integrates this logic into each section of the music.

In the business model, box music has two directions when working with B-side studios and musicians. The first direction is to output the final result for the user, and the other direction is to provide tools to charge the Saas service fee. . Speaking of specific cases, Shi Jiayang revealed that Box Music has reached a cooperation with “Simple Happiness” to create music tracks for its artists.