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An iPhone app helps composers to compose music with artificial intelligence

A Japanese entrepreneur launched an application that uses artificial intelligence to offer automated suggestions to music composers.

Recently released in the App Store, Amadeus Code promises composers help turning the inspiration into momentum into musical masterpieces with little help from artificial intelligence.

To work, the app needs access to the music library of the user it processes to identify and isolate certain music patterns.

When the composer who started creating a score uses the app, it suggests some musical patterns that he considers appropriate to the particular piece - musical patterns previously discovered as a result of processing the songs in the local library.

The composer will choose some models to see how they fit in his score sheet and will reject those that they find inappropriate. Obviously, the AI ​​will learn and improve on all these user actions.

The application also offers integration with Spotify as an alternative to the local library. Thus, it can find melodic patterns in user playlists and custom mixes.

Co-founder Taishi Fukuyama says the app can also help create full-length songs based on suggested patterns, but the outcome depends on composers and their level of creativity.

Practically, Amadeus Code brings artificial intelligence to a traditional area for composers, inspired by previous creations.

The application can be downloaded and tested for free, but for the entire functionality it requires an annual subscription costing $ 120.