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Amadeus Code artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant for iOS

Amadeus Code Inc. has launched an app that uses AI technology to assist an often-ignored part of the creative process, the writer’s block that often plagues musicians, producers, and composers.

Amadeus Code is a melody generator that uses data from popular songs over the past few centuries to craft melodies based on your preference of era, rhythm, and range.

Amadeus Code
Imagine you have thousands upon thousands of melodies, going back to the 17th century, to create a vocabulary of song to help inspire your own music making. Press a button, and a new tune springs out of this rich set of ideas.

That’s how AI-powered app Amadeus Code works to spark creativity. Taking centuries of songs, it divides them into their smallest units, the atoms that make up a groove or lick. Then it uses algorithms to generate new tunes and chords based on era, rhythm, and range. The approach that powers the algorithms sets AC apart, finding novel ways to understand melody and chord structure that have nothing to do with scores or audio file analysis. The generation engine then flows seamlessly into an easy-to-use mobile interface for creative prompts on the go.

“We all have those moments when we’re looking for a little push, that nudge that gets us to explore fresh territory when we’re writing or working on a new track,” explains Taishi Fukuyama, co-founder and COO of Amadeus Code.

“We imagine musicians and producers using Amadeus Code the way designers use idea boards, as a way to keep the creative juices flowing.”

The Amadeus Code mobile app is in a beta stage for a short period of time, with advance signups being offered for early adopters.

More information: Amadeus Code