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Amadeus Code is using AI technology to assist an often-ignored part of the creative process, the writer’s block that often plagues musicians, producers, and composers.

Amadeus Code is a melody generator that uses data from popular songs over the past few centuries to craft melodies based on your preference of era, rhythm, and range. You can use smart adjustments and filters to find a melody that suits your track just the way you want. The app also features Cloud backup and the ability to download audio/MIDI files as well as share MIDI to your desired DAW.

Amadeus Code’s approach breaks centuries of melodies down into their constituent parts (“licks”) and transforms them into data. By eschewing more traditional methods of musical information transfer–the score and MIDI, for example–Japanese researchers have created a system to generate the kind of endless stream of melody Mozart proclaimed ran through his head. Composers, producers, and songwriters now have the distilled praxis of thousands of artists and composers dating back to the 17th century, at their fingertips, iterated by machine.

The Amadeus Code mobile app just launched in app stores for iOS, but will be in gated beta stage for a short period of time, with advance signups being offered for early adopters. You can sign up for early access at the link above or through the app, and I can get you an early access code if you’d like to try it out. You can also find tutorials for using Amadeus Code with Ableton and Logic Pro in the Amadeus Code blog (

Sign up for early access to Amadeus Code:

Registration at the above link is required to unlock the beta version of Amadeus Code until it’s publicly available. Please use the link above to get your early beta access.