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App Review

Amadeus Code is a new songwriting app that utilises Artificial Intelligence in order to create melodies that can be used in your productions. The new app is a system for composing melodies using a large-scale database comprised of over six hundred hit singles from the past. The app also has the capability to learn from its creations to improve and develop new melodies for the user.

While the algorithms and mechanics that work behind scenes are rather complex, the user experience is actually very simple. An easy to use interface allows users to audition melodies that have been created and keep the ones they like and discard the others with a simple swiping gesture. The melodies can be tweaked and refi ned using the app’s filters and smart adjustments to suit your needs.

The actual sounds built in the app leave nothing to the imagination and sound like they were made on a cheap synth, but that’s not the point — once users have melodies and riffs that they like, the MIDI and audio fi les can be exported to your DAW, allowing you to use whatever sounds you want. An example of this can be found on the company’s website.

Some would say that the whole process is cheating and making a mockery of the whole creative process, however for artists who don’t have a musical background, it can only be welcomed. Throughout history many producers have engaged the talents of musicians to add something to their tracks, the only difference here is that it is an app and not a human — a topic for a future debate, no doubt.