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iOS-application Amadeus Code will help compose songs using artificial intelligence

The Japanese-American startup Amadeus Code Inc. release the application-helper Amadeus Code, which with the help of artificial intelligence is designed to inspire musicians and prompt them new ideas for writing songs.

To accomplish this task, the developers created a special artificial intelligence, which "fed" several tens of thousands of musical works written from the XVII century. AI revealed common features and regularities in all analyzed music and created a kind of vocabulary of songs that stores information about chords, scales, notes and melodies that have been used in music for the past 400 years.

Analyzing the proposed musical works, artificial intelligence divided all songs and compositions into small components - the so-called "atoms." Each atom stores information about the scales, chords and song structure used at different times in certain musical genres and works. Based on user-defined temporal, stylistic and rhythmic features and other parameters, the AI ​​generates melodies and chord accompaniment. Any generated melody can be tuned using a special section of settings: for example, you can specify the length of the extracted notes and the methods of sound extraction.

Having found the "atom" you liked with a gamut or accompaniment, the user can place this musical piece in the favorite library or immediately proceed to create songs. At the click of the button, the AI ​​will generate several music clips or full songs, while in each variant there will be not only chords and melody, but also the track structure. The results of the Amadeus Code can be extracted as an audio or MIDI file for further work in the DAW .

According to the developers, when creating the Amadeus Code, they deliberately distanced themselves from a simple analysis of audio files and notes - the main goal was that AI understood melodies, chords and song structure. In addition, the developers wanted to understand what makes the song good and popular.

"We often face the situation when we need some impetus from outside, which will lead us to new and fresh ideas when composing music, " says one of the founders of the project, Taisha Fukuyama. - "In our view, Amadeus Code can help in such moments, to give musicians and producers on the basis of the sources of inspiration of the best works in the history of music."

The idea of ​​the project belongs to the Japanese electronic musician and producer Dzhunu Inui. Inui says that about eight years ago he daily came up with a few tunes and songs for different clients. At some point the man realized that he was drained morally and he needed time to "recharge his creative batteries." At that moment, Inui thought that it would be convenient to have a virtual assistant on hand that would store information about a variety of different melodies and compositions and give useful tips for new music.

"Working on the Amadeus Code allowed me to understand that there is much in common between writing songs and genetics," Inui remarks. - "I understand that feeling, impelling musicians to write music, in essence, similar to the human desire to share, change and develop - to evolve. I would like to share this knowledge with everyone. "

The Amadeus Code is available for download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to the developers, in the next few months they will release Amadeus Code as a VST / AU plug-in for most popular DAW. Get more details about the application with artificial intelligence for writing music on the official website of the project .

Let's remind, that earlier similar on functionality the software Orb Composer was presented by company Hexachords.