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Preview: songwriting app Amadeus Code

At this point, we have often reported on machines, robots and software that (sometimes more times less) make their own music. With the App Amadeus Code, artificial intelligence should now also be able to be used on the smartphone for composing.

Amadeus Code is still in the development phase - currently the app is only available in early-access. With the app, it should be possible to compose almost fully automatic. This task is handled by the app independently. Subsequently, further small adjustments can be made by the user.

In addition, audio filters can be placed over the tracks before you can export the created project as audio or MIDI. The following video will give you an insight into one of the creations of Amadeus Code, which should have been completely created with the app:

At the moment there is no further information about a release date or the possible price for Amadeus Code. We will keep you up to date as always!