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The Amadeus Code App, the Only AI Powered Songwriting Assistant You'll Ever Need, Is Launching Soon on iOS

With technology aiding almost every other part of the creative process, the Amadeus Code mobile app is the answer to the modern musician’s writer’s block.

Amadeus Code is a melody generator that uses data from popular songs over the past few centuries to craft melodies based on your preference of era, rhythm, and range. You can use smart adjustments and filters to find a melody that suits your track just the way you want. The app also features Cloud backup and the ability to download audio/MIDI files as well as share MIDI to your desired DAW. You can learn more about Amadeus Code here.

The developers of Amadeus Code, who are some of Japan’s top track-makers, arrangers and composers, also created an entire album using the app called Rhetoric. Rhetoric is a J-pop album with melodies crafted by Amadeus Code, featuring the well-known Hatsune Miku vocaloid synthesizer on vocals. Although they used AI for each song’s melodies, they found that human collaboration was still necessary to write lyrics and give the songs meaning. They ultimately realized that “without an origin story for a song, the meaning and purpose for humans to always be in the creative process was reinforced.”

Amadeus Code is launching in app stores for iOS very soon, but in the meantime, check out their social media streams and if you are interested in early access, click here.